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Thank you to everyone who keeps me up-to-date with their lovely babies!

RagaMuffin Kittens all grown UP! 

cats   JW Sorrel (3)  Nina 12 yrs

Willow     Pebble age 1yr Muffin


    Marbles   Mickey 11 mn  Indy - 1 year                                                                     


Peaches 5 months     JW Cinnmon2 (3)  

 Brown Smoke tabby & White (with Blue eyes)              Brown Smoke and White

 JW Nutmeg (3)     Cinnamon

                 Brown Mink and White

  Dempsey  IMG_0758 (3)  Willow


Daisy    Bella    Bella 2

 trio   Dobby

all the ninjas